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What are Divorce Coaching Benefits?

Divorce rates have improved over the last few decades but are still much higher than they were 50 years ago.

The crude divorce rate — which refers to the total number of divorces for every 1,000 people — dropped from 4.0 in 2000 to 2.5 in 2001, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Still, anywhere from 40% to 50% of all first marriages ultimately end up in a divorce, the American Psychological Association reports. That rate rises to as high as 67% for second marriages.

Divorces are not only costly — averaging $7,000, according to a Forbes report — but they are mentally draining, too. When people go through divorce, they will experience not only legal and financial challenges but also social, emotional, and logistical ones as well.

As more and more companies are investigating ways to support their employees in a holistic way, an increasing number of businesses are considering whether to offer divorce coaching benefits. Below is an explanation of what divorce coaches are as well as what benefits they provide.

What are Divorce Coaches?

Divorce coaches are just like any other coach. They provide you with strategies, knowledge, and skills that you’ll need to get through a specific situation.

Just like sports coaches arm their players with the tools they need to succeed on the field, divorce coaches arm their clients with the tools they need to navigate the muddy waters of divorce.

As mentioned, this includes helping people overcome the social, emotional, legal, financial, and functional challenges that often come with divorce. They aren’t therapists, but rather strategists who help their clients make important decisions as they’re either going through a divorce or trying to recover from potential fallouts.

What Benefits Do Divorce Coaches Provide?

There are many benefits that divorce coaches can provide. First, they help you set up a plan from the get-go so that you can avoid becoming confused and/or overwhelmed.

By outlining everything that’s likely ahead, it will help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression that are often associated with a divorce. This process can also help you make important decisions in an objective way by removing associated emotions as much as possible.

Divorce coaches also advise their clients on minimizing conflict as much as possible. Divorce can be a very emotional thing, but learning how to channel those emotions in a positive way — rather than becoming angry and frustrated, and taking those emotions out on other people — will help you navigate divorce in a more positive way.

Finally, divorce coaches can help people envision their life after divorce in a more positive way. No matter how “good” a divorce is, there’s no denying that life will be different after a marriage has ended. A divorce coach can help you envision what your new life will be.

What Role Can Companies Play in Employee Divorces?

Divorces are a very personal thing. And while it’s a good idea for business leaders to not get overly involved in their employees’ personal lives, that doesn’t mean they can’t play a positive role in supporting their employees when they’re going through difficult and challenging times.

By offering divorce coaching services as part of your employee benefits package, you will be providing your employees with extra support they may not even know they need. In many ways, divorce coaching benefits are very similar to other ancillary benefits you can provide, including mental health professionals and even financial advisors.

Divorce coaches can help employees achieve more successful outcomes from their divorce, which not only benefits them personally but also professionally as well. As they’re getting help navigating the muddy waters of divorce, they’ll be better prepared to juggle their work life with their personal life in the meantime.

Today, employees desire a benefits package that includes more than just typical medical benefits. When companies provide services such as divorce coaching benefits, they are showing their employees that they care about their overall self. That’s why more and more companies today are considering adding this benefit to their offerings.

Work with Beckham Insurance Group to Offer Divorce Coaching Benefits

Divorce is one of the most challenging personal things that people can go through, and it can affect people both inside and outside of their home. This is one main reason why an increasing number of companies are adding divorce coaching to their employee benefits.

If you’re in the South Carolina or Georgia area, you can figure out the best way to include these offerings in your employee benefits package by working with Beckham Insurance Group. Our professionals have years of experience helping companies in the region stand out from the competition through outstanding benefits packages.

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