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Ways to Improve Your Company’s Diversity Initiatives

Workplaces that embrace DEI initiatives — or those that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion — are more successful overall. They are able to increase their revenue, improve employee retention and innovate more, among many other benefits.

When companies have a diverse workplace, they are ensuring that there will be a diverse set of ideas, inputs and thoughts into everything they do. A diverse employee base will bring in perspectives from different aspects of life to help a company better itself in many respects.

Those are just some of the reasons why investing in diversity initiatives is so important today. Below are some ways that you can improve your company’s diversity initiatives.

Make It a Stated Priority

It’s easy to say that you want to boost diversity at your company, but if it isn’t a stated priority of the company’s, then it can be easy to lose focus. DEI initiatives have to be strategic priorities if you want them to be successful.

To this end, it’s important to create a written plan for these DEI initiatives. Define what the goals of the program are and how you are going to measure the performance of the plan.

Diversity initiatives should be something that’s discussed with the company’s leadership team on a regular basis, too. You shouldn’t just come up with a plan and hope it works. Constantly addressing it and conducting a “check-up” will help ensure that you’re successful.

Incorporate a Diverse Team of Recruiters

There are two parts to recruiting — the candidates and the recruiters themselves. If your company is only focusing on incorporating diversity into the candidate side, then you are falling short of the mark.

It’s important to incorporate diversity into your team of recruiters, so that you can ensure that you are recruiting and hiring the right diverse candidates. When your recruiting team is diverse, they’ll be able to bring in new perspectives that otherwise wouldn’t be present.

So, if you really want to be effective at recruiting diverse talent, then your recruiting team needs to be filled with diverse talent as well.

Create a Mentor Program

Hiring diverse talent is step one. Ensuring that all that diverse talent at your company has the ability to rise up the corporate ladder is step two.

Many companies today are improving their diversity at the ground level, but that diversity hasn’t yet reached the upper rungs of the organizational chart. A great way to solve that problem is by creating a mentor program where employees can learn from others who have been there before — and who come from a different background as them.

The program should also integrate opportunities for employees to be promoted, as they learn the nuances of the company and prove themselves.

The mentor program is likely to produce significant benefits for both the mentee and the mentor, as each will be able to learn from the other.

Provide Diverse Benefits

One area that doesn’t get a lot of attention in diversity initiatives is a company’s benefits package. The fact is, though, that different people need different types of support.

Women often have much more responsibilities as caregivers than men do, for instance. Black women typically have increased responsibilities in this regard compared to Caucasian women, according to a study conducted by Great Place To Work.

As a result, women are more likely to need, and desire, benefits that help support them and their unique caregiving needs. Every group of employee will have their own unique and personal needs and desires when it comes to company benefits.

That’s why it’s important to review your current benefits package to ensure you aren’t just providing a one-size-fits-all offering. The more personal you can make your benefits package, the better you can support a diverse workforce. This, then, can result in you attracting a more diverse workforce to your company.

Beckham Insurance Group Can Help You Craft a Diverse Benefits Package

If you want to improve your company’s diversity initiatives, you need to consider the benefits package you are providing your employees. A package that only fits a certain type of employee is likely to convince employees to stay away from your company, rather than attracting them to it.

If your company is located in the Georgia or South Carolina region, you can work with Beckham Insurance Group to create a diverse benefits package. We have years of experience doing just this for companies just like yours. Our experienced professionals can advise you on all your options for creating a diverse benefits package to help support your company’s diversity initiatives.

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