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Should You Add Virtual Primary Care to Your Health Plan?

Over the last few years, telemedicine has gone from being a periodic occurrence to a major part of health care. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated these virtual office visits, but even as life has returned to normal, many patients still prefer these virtual visits.

There are many benefits that virtual visits provide to patients and doctors alike, including the convenience of not having to drive to an office, not having to set an appointment during typical working hours, and being able to have more “on-demand” consultations.

In turn, these virtual visits can actually help to encourage people to not miss regular checkups, which could result in better overall health care and reduced costs in the long run.

While the medical field is moving in the direction of virtual primary care visits, not all health plans provide coverage for this type of service. Below, we’ll analyze whether your company should add virtual primary care to your health plan, and the potential benefits of doing so.

Increased Primary Care Visits

One of the biggest benefits to adding virtual primary care to your health plan is the fact that they help to increase the number of primary care visits. A McKinsey & Company report, health care providers saw anywhere from 50 times to 175 times more patients with virtual visits than they had averaged prior to the pandemic.

More primary care visits help to close the gap in health care in the country. That’s because a major factor of preventing serious and chronic health issues is early detection — and that’s typically done at the primary care level.

By encouraging more visits, virtual primary care can actually help to make a significant positive change in the country’s overall health. So, while this may cost more in the short-term, it actually will likely result in bigger long-term savings.

One estimate, in fact, says that the U.S. could save up to $46 billion in spending on health care through the use of more virtual primary care services.

More Accessible Health Care

Virtual primary care is so successful at encouraging office visits because it’s more convenient and more accessible. People aren’t necessarily required to take off time from work to go to an appointment while a doctor’s office is open. They also don’t need to dedicate the time to drive to and from the appointment, and wait long times in the office.

These are benefits to everyone, but especially to those people who live in rural areas and/or far from a doctor’s office. By expanding virtual primary care services, companies can help to make health care more accessible to all their employees, no matter where they’re located.

Again, in doing so, companies will be playing a significant role in improving health outcomes by helping to prevent health ailments before they can become major health issues.

Healthier, More Productive Employees

Healthier employees are naturally more productive than those who are not. Ill health has a direct correlation to production in more ways than one.

First, when employees are sick and ailing, they are much more likely to miss time at work. Of course, you’ll never be able to completely eliminate employees calling out sick, but by making primary care more accessible, companies will be playing a part in helping to reduce the amount of time employees miss due to chronic conditions.

In addition, employees are likely to be more productive at work when they are at their healthiest. Even if they don’t call out, employees who aren’t feeling well are typically less productive at work than those who are in tip-top shape.

So, by adding virtual primary care to your health plan, you are in a way ensuring that your employees are more productive.

Stand Out from the Competition

Today more so than ever, providing employees with the benefits they want is important if you want to attract and retain the best talent. So, as more and more companies are offering virtual primary care as part of their benefits package, it’s important that your company does the same.

In a few years’ time, it’s very possible that virtual primary care will be a standard part of every employer-sponsored health plan. Instead of holding off until that time comes, you can stand out from your competition by highlighting this as part of your package today.

Offer a Top-Notch Health Plan with Beckham Insurance Group

Telemedicine has become an essential part of health care today, and it’s bound to become even more essential in the next few years. Getting ahead of the game and adding virtual primary care to your health plan is one of the best ways to not only attract and retain top talent, but to show your employees you genuinely care about their overall health.

Companies in the South Carolina or Georgia area should work with Beckham Insurance Group to create the best health plan for their employees that includes virtual primary care.

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