Online Benefits Enrollment

Online benefits enrollment is an invaluable tool for any business today. It saves employers and employees a lot of time, simplifying what can otherwise be a complicated process. Learn more about our online benefits enrollment options below, and contact us today to get started.

How Online Benefits Enrollment Works

Benefits enrollment can seem like a complicated, convoluted, and time-consuming process for employers and employees. There is so much information required, so many choices that have to be made, and so many errors that can be made throughout the process. Online benefits enrollment systems, on the other hand, allow employees and employers to enroll in and manage benefits through a simple platform that saves time and makes the process easy.

Online Enrollment Options

At Beckham Insurance Group, we offer several online benefits enrollment systems. Choose and manage your group benefits with the online option that is right for your company:

Beacon Benefits Solution

  • Defined Contribution Administration
  • Multi-level Logins (employee, human resources, agent)
  • Seamless Carrier Integration
  • Wide Selection of Non-medical Products

Employee Navigator

  • Benefits Administration
  • Get new hires enrolled quickly
  • Compare and select plans
  • Review coverage status for all employees
  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines
  • Manage contribution levels
  • Store, review, and acknowledge important plan documents

Advantages of Online Benefits Enrollment

There are many benefits to online benefits enrollment:

By enrolling online, employees and employers can collectively save hundreds or even thousands of hours completing tasks that online systems can process in a fraction of the time.

There is a much greater margin for error when benefits administrators have to process enrollment data from many employees manually. Typos can be made, a single number from an ID or birthdate may be missed, handwriting may be hard to read, or the information given may simply be wrong. By using online benefits programs, these mistakes can be easily avoided, as human error is nearly completely eliminated.

Employers may shy away from providing their employees with more benefit types, because the administrative work and processing of benefits packages for hundreds of employees can become overwhelming. With online benefits enrollment, however, the majority of that burden is lifted from the employer’s shoulders, making it easier to provide their valued employees with more benefit options.