ACA Compliance Expertise & Legal Counsel

At Beckham Insurance Group, we offer several different options for our clients to ensure they’re up-to-date with all of their compliance needs. Learn more below, or contact Beckham Insurance today to get started.

Our ACA Compliance Solutions

We provide customized compliance books, access to ACA seminars, webinars, and notifications, and we keep a benefits attorney on retainer to assist with client guidance. We also offer several other compliance solutions, detailed below:

Our sample compliance document, tailored to your benefits needs, will list and explain all notices, rights, disclosures, Acts, and related records into a single document. It features in-depth explanations of terms and issues covered with straightforward, easy-to-understand layouts that employees and employers alike will be able to take advantage of.

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ACA notices detailing health insurance marketing/exchanges in individual states are required for all current and new employees as of 2013. We provide templates that make compiling and distributing appropriate notices easier than ever.

We maintain the services of a benefits attorney so that our clients have reliable legal aid when it comes to their insurance benefits packages. Our attorney can guide you through benefit-related policies and associated legal issues to help ensure you are compliant.

HR 360 is an invaluable online resource center that helps individuals find material relating to human resources and benefits news, tools, forms, and other related content.

Notices are required for benefits plans so that employees can be informed as to the reason their claims may be denied reimbursement or other required benefits-related notices. Beckham Insurance Group offers templates to assist companies in compiling and drafting the notices they need.

Healthcare Reform checklists are intended to help companies and employers with group health plans. Specifically, these checklists help ensure group plans are in compliance with key provisions listed in the ACA.

The ACA has a provision referred to as “pay or play” that forces organizations with more than fifty employees to pay a penalty if they don’t offer sufficient coverage according to ACA requirements or if one or more employees from the company receives subsidized coverage through a healthcare marketplace. This provision can be quite tricky to navigate, so Beckham Insurance Group offers specialized consulting services to aid companies.

COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, aids workers and their families who lose their health benefits by allowing them to continue on group health programs for a time. Like the ACA “pay or play” provision, this act can also be tricky to navigate, so Beckham Insurance Group offers COBRA-specific advisors to assist companies.

Letters to and from the IRS may be required from companies under employer mandates within the ACA concerning full-time employee coverage. We assist our clients in drafting these sensitive letters and related to-do lists so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Form 1095 is used to report information on individual employees. Specifically, it determines whether an employer is liable for any benefits payments for the employee. Beckham Insurance Group aids companies in this process as well.

Posters and publications relating to labor laws, rights, benefits, health protection, and other related items are mandated by state and national government. Beckham Insurance Group can assist client in drafting and maintaining up-to-date posters and publications to meet legal standards.