Benefits Administration

While offering a variety of benefits options to employees is great for employee retention and satisfaction, the administration of the program can be overwhelming to employers. To ease your HR burden, Beckham Insurance group offers our clients access to multiple enrollment and benefits administration systems. For more information about our benefits administration services or to request a quote, contact Beckham Insurance Group today.

What is Benefits Administration?

Typically operated by a company’s human resources division, benefits administration involves many different management tasks relating to employee benefits. These tasks can include managing group health, dental, and eye insurance policies, retirement accounts, and any employee-requested time off including vacations, sick leave, and parental leave.

Through benefits administration, the numerous responsibilities related to employee benefits programs are centralized from policy creation to daily management and any necessary plan updates. This can be a time-consuming and resource intensive task for HR departments.

Benefits Administration Solutions Available at Beckham Insurance

Beckham Insurance offers our clients access to online enrollment systems that can make benefits administration easy and intuitive, reducing the burden on your HR department:

Beacon Benefits offers clients a highly functional, easy-to-use online system that allows for multi-level logins, seamless carrier integration, defined contribution administration, and a wide range of non-medical products. Beacon’s system automatically notifies HR administrators of any maintenance requests or changes once they log in, so no request gets lost. Additionally, employees and their benefits are easily managed from the moment they are added. Managers can make changes for employees that can be shared between them, and all documents can be easily printed or exported to improve communication.

Employee Navigator allows new hires to be quickly enrolled in the system and to compare and select their plans with ease. HR managers are able to use the system for general benefits administration needs as well as reviewing employee coverage statuses, monitoring those statuses and whatever deadlines are in effect, manage contribution levels, and reviewing important plan-related documents. Additionally, Employee Navigator offers HR managers the option to switch languages between English and Spanish as needed.