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Woman at desk using hand sanitizer: how to create a healthy workplace environment

5 Tips on Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment

Creating a healthy workplace environment is essential to maintaining positivity and productivity among your employees. There are many different ways you can foster a healthier work environment including investing in standing desks, recognizing your employees’ accomplishments and rewarding them accordingly, providing a clean and comfortable workspace, fostering good communication, and encouraging the all-important work-life balance.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can implement each of these in your workplace today.

Invest in Standing Desks

Science has proven that it is very unhealthy for individuals to remain sedentary for long periods. And while it may be beneficial to encourage your employees to take walks throughout the day, you may find that this option doesn’t always work for busier workdays. Instead, consider investing in standing desks that allow your employees to transition between sitting and standing with ease while remaining in their workspaces.

Keep in mind that transitional desks are key here as both sitting and standing for long periods are equally unhealthy. The balance between both is key for a healthy workplace environment.

Reward and Recognize

Everyone loves to be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to goals, but it can be easy to lose motivation as a project extends over a long period. One way you can prevent this loss of morale and passion for the work is by recognizing your employee’s accomplishments for smaller milestones throughout the project’s life, and by rewarding them for their efforts.

This doesn’t have to be a big reward like a bonus or extra days off, though those are always appreciated. Instead, your reward can be something smaller like a congratulatory email acknowledging a team’s progress or treating your team to coffee or lunch.

Provide a Clean and Comfortable Workspace

The idea of creating a healthy work environment has become even more vital in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Providing your employees with tools they can use to maintain their health by avoiding viruses and other illness-related germs can go a long way in bringing about your ideal healthy workplace.

You can invest in something as simple as placing hand sanitizer dispensers and sanitizing wipes at key contact points around your workplace, or you can double down by providing your workforce with contactless alternatives including hands-free door openers like foot-operated latches.

Additionally, you can provide your employees with clean air by investing in air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters. These devices not only improve your staff’s concentration and focus but also reduce the circulation of viruses by removing various particles from the air. These purifiers can also reduce issues with allergies and other sensitivities that may be caused by over-exposure to certain chemicals in paints or other products present in your workplace. And if air purifiers are not a feasible option for your business now, you may consider the alternative of supplying your office with live plants that will serve to both boost morale and filter the air.

Foster Good Communication

Fostering good communication is an invaluable skill that will not only promote the health of your workplace but also the success of your projects and business as a whole. When you have solid communication in place not only between you and your employees but also between your employees themselves, you can take inevitable personality and opinion differences and healthily use them to encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Providing your employees with the tools they need to handle interpersonal conflict in a way that is beneficial to both themselves and the workplace can go a long way in building a healthier workplace.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

When individuals don’t have an appropriate balance between their work and their regular lives, it’s very easy for them to fall into waves of exhaustion, lack of focus, and unhappiness. Their mental and physical health suffers, and they won’t be able to healthily commit to their responsibilities or their relaxation. Therefore, by encouraging your employees to engage in an appropriate work-life balance, you will end up with employees who have healthier relationships, less stress, and much more productivity in their work.

You can promote this balance in several ways including by encouraging your employees to use their vacation time to get a break from work and by refusing to send non-urgent work-related emails outside of work hours.

Create a Healthy Workplace Environment Today

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