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Benefits of Workplace Counseling

Most people won’t admit to needing any kind of counseling services, but when they’re offered and used, a clear difference can be seen in the way your employees work and live. Workplace counseling services are an essential tool in your benefits package because it’s one of the few aids you can offer your employees whose benefits can be immediately apparent in the way your employees behave and interact with others at work.

Let’s take a closer look at what workplace counseling is before diving into several key advantages it provides both to you and your employees.

What is Workplace Counseling?

Workplace counseling is a kind of therapy that employees of providing companies are eligible to receive. These kinds of mental health programs provide employees with safe places to talk about any issues they may be having, whether at work or in their personal lives.

Typically, workplace counseling services are set up to be short-term, so they tend to focus more on helping employees work through various issues using problem-solving methods. This allows employees to expend their energy productively on working towards solutions for their problems, and developing effective coping mechanisms where solutions are not always possible.

Additionally, these counseling programs can be offered as part of in-person counseling treatments or through anonymous telephone hotline services.

Benefits of Workplace Counseling

As you can imagine, there are numerous benefits to investing in a good workplace counseling program. These advantages are not only for the employees receiving the benefits, but also for the employer. These programs can help improve your employee’s performance and productivity levels, increase their job satisfaction, provide safe spaces to discuss delicate issues, and help to reduce the amount of mental health stigma employees face. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits:

Improves Performance and Productivity

When employees are able to talk to a qualified specialist about mental health issues and are able to work through problems and difficulties they are facing, the positive outpouring from that experience will affect every aspect of their lives.

When employees are stressed about issues, having conflicts with other employees, or are facing difficulties in their home lives, it can be challenging for them to focus on the tasks at hand and work well at their jobs. Providing them with a place where help for these issues isn’t only available but encouraged can help get them back on a healthier mental track. This can lead to increased happiness with life and can bolster their performance and productivity levels at work.

Increases Job Satisfaction & Lower Turnover Rates

No one enjoys being unhappy, so if your employees are discontent with their work, they may be more inclined to change their situation. Generally, this means looking for a new job. This can bring a lot of added stress to you and your company as you have to keep up with the demand of filling and refilling the same positions as your employees leave.

One way to prevent this is by increasing your employee’s satisfaction with their jobs. This can include providing them with access to the mental health aids they need to overcome their unhappiness and work through the problems they’re facing. Doing so will result in happier employees who don’t need to look for new jobs because they enjoy their current positions. Providing mental health services will not eliminate your job turnover rate, but when employees feel heard, you may find your turnover rate drops.

Provides a Safe Space to Disclose Personal Issues

When employees know they have the safety net of counseling services available, should the need arise, it can help reduce the overall amount of stress they feel when crises hit them. It can be difficult for individuals to turn to others when they need help balancing their mental health, especially with all of the stigma surrounding mental health today. So, having therapy outlets is a great way your company can make safe spaces for struggling employees to know they’re not alone and that help is available.

Helps Reduce Mental Health Stigmas

By providing open access to mental health programs, you actively show your employees that you care about their mental wellness.This open communication about the important of mental health can reduce the stigma surrounding therapy and mental illness. More and more people struggle with mental illness, but they may be hesitant to reach out for help. By offering and advertising these programs, you’ll spark discussion among your employees. And the more it’s talked about, the less “taboo” the topic becomes.

The stigmas surrounding mental health issues that they’re only for people with clinically-diagnosed conditions can be broken if mental health is normalized, and this can start in your workplace. Remember, the only way you and your employees can reap all the wonderful benefits of workplace counseling is if your employees willingly participate in the program.

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