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Use Inclusion to Create Financial Wellness for Employees

Employers today are playing an increasingly vital role in their employees’ wellness. More and more companies are creating formal programs around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), which helps to create a better work environment that ultimately results in increased productivity. There are many aspects of these DEI programs, including focusing on helping employees be more […]

Mental Health Tricks for Your Employees

No longer is it OK for businesses to only provide support for their employees’ physical health. It’s now incumbent on all businesses to protect the mental health of their employees as well. Mental health is becoming a major focus of people all across the country today and for good reason. Studies have shown that it’s […]

Worst States for Working Moms

Working moms make up a large sector of the workforce. As of 2022, almost half of the workforce in the United States was made up of women, 73% of whom had at least one child younger than 18 years old, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Being a working mom can be very challenging. […]

Ways to Improve Your Company’s Diversity Initiatives

Workplaces that embrace DEI initiatives — or those that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion — are more successful overall. They are able to increase their revenue, improve employee retention and innovate more, among many other benefits. When companies have a diverse workplace, they are ensuring that there will be a diverse set of ideas, […]

Do Part-Time Employees Get Benefits?

If you hire part-time employees to supplement your full-time staffers, you may be wondering whether you need to offer them health insurance. While the Affordable Care Act includes part-time workers into their calculation for whether companies are required to offer health insurance to their employees, it doesn’t mandate that these employees be offered such insurance. […]

Qualifying Events for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Every year, there is an open enrollment period where employees are able to sign up or renew their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. During this period, employees have the right to switch plans — if the employer offers multiple choices — or sign up for a plan if they haven’t had one before. Once this open […]

When Does an Employer Have to Offer Health Insurance?

A lot of changes in health insurance were made when the Affordable Care Act went into effect in March of 2020. One of the major changes was a mandate that certain employers had to offer their employees health insurance coverage, otherwise they could face stiff penalties. If your company fits within certain limits, you will […]

What Are Supplemental Benefits?

The health insurance landscape has experienced massive changes in recent years. As health care costs have increased, so, too, have the costs of providing health coverage to people all around the country. Many insurance companies have passed on those increased costs to those they insure so that premiums remain reasonably affordable. As a result, high-deductible […]