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Are You Making These Workplace Culture Mistakes?

Today more than ever, it’s important for business executives to build a positive workplace culture. That’s because employees today value a solid culture almost as much as they value sufficient pay.

In other words, in order to attract and retain top talent, it’s essential that you build a workplace culture that makes it fun and rewarding for people to show up to work every day and try their best.

If you aren’t careful as you’re trying to build a solid culture, you could easily set back your workplace culture. Below are some of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid as you’re building your workplace culture.

Dress Codes That are Restrictive

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the “business formal” dress code was losing favor among employees. The pandemic only accentuated these feelings even more, as employees were fully convinced that they didn’t need to dress ultra-formal to be productive.

Business executives need to ensure that they don’t set dress codes that are too restrictive. This doesn’t mean that you need to abandon dress codes altogether, and allow people to wear whatever they want to work.

Instead, make sure that your dress codes reflect your company culture and your workplace setting, and allow employees a little latitude.

Lack of Recruiting Focus

Recruiting is one of the most important aspects of building a positive company culture. When you make the wrong hire, it can not only set your company’s productivity back, but it can negatively affect the workplace culture, too.

One bad egg can cause major problems. They can set bad examples and make other employees feel like not trying, complaining and more is all OK.

You won’t always make the “right” hires, but by focusing on your recruitment process more, you can reduce the amount of “poor” hires you make.

Ensure that your job postings accurately reflect not only the job opening but the company culture you wish to create by using language that exudes this. Then, make sure that your interviewers’ styles and language matches that when they bring in the finalists.

Spending a little extra time and money on recruiting will save you plenty of headaches and money in the long run.

Not Helping Your Employees Grow

All companies today need to invest in the growth of their employees. There are myriad benefits to doing so.

When you invest in your employees’ growth, it shows them that you care about their future — even if that future is with another company. Of course, the ultimate goal is to help employees move up the company ladder internally, and they’ll be more likely to want to stay if you’re helping them do that.

This helps to build an inclusive workplace as well as a positive workplace culture. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to give it their all for you, which results in better overall production. And as more and more employees feel valued and try hard, other employees take notice and follow their lead.

Not Supporting Employees

At the same time, companies need to support their employees in all ways. This includes not just investing in their professional selves, but in their personal selves as well.

Now more so than ever, it’s important that companies ensure their employees’ mental health is properly addressed. When employees feel overworked and unappreciated, they are more likely to experience significant mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. That, then, can lead to serious physical health issues over time.

But, stress, depression and anxiety can also come from outside the office. While businesses obviously can’t control that aspect of employees’ lives, they can still be sympathetic to those issues and help employees tend to them.

Encouraging in-office friendships, providing mental health benefits and building a positive workplace culture are all simple ways that companies can play a significant role in supporting their employees in every way possible.

Work with Beckham Insurance Group to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

These are just a few of the common mistakes that companies need to avoid when they try to build a positive workplace culture. If you want to build a sustainable workplace culture that helps you attract and retain top talent, avoiding these mistakes and others is essential.

The good news is that don’t have to do this all on your own.

If you’re in the Georgia or South Carolina area, you can partner with Beckham Insurance Group to provide your employees with the support and growth initiatives that they not only need but desire. We can help you build an overarching benefits package that helps employees take care of their entire selves, thereby helping you build a workplace culture you can be proud of.

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